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Is BullPEN on social media?

What breeds does the app support?

BullPEN currently supports 9 breeds: Angus, Hereford, Red Angus, Simmental/SimAngus™, Charolais, Brangus®, Shorthorn, Gelbvieh/Balancer®, Limousin/Lim-Flex®.

What is a BullPEN handle?

BullPEN uses a handle feature (similar to an Instagram or Twitter handle, but for bulls) that allows users to search for bulls offered by a specific breeder. This also helps breeders build their social media brand consistently across platforms.

Is BullPEN free to download?

-Free to download and use for Apple and Android devices (available in USA and Canada)
-No in-app purchases
-No ads
-No user accounts needed
-No user permissions requested

What does it cost to list bulls on BullPEN?

Listing is $2 per head with a $50 minimum.

Can bull and sale info be updated?

Complete EPD updates of all listed bulls can be done for a flat rate of $15 when the producer sends updated data.

Certain updates are always free at anytime:
-Any updates or changes in sale details
(for example: change in sale location or adding a video catalog)
-Updates to actual scrotal measurements
-Updating sale outs and reporting bulls as sold

How does BullPEN get the bull and sale info?

The producer emails BullPEN a spreadsheet of their bull data. Sale information is gathered through the listing form.
BullPEN’s marketing collaborators can make listing easier by passing along your info since they will already have your sale information and bull data (if they are designing your catalog).

Does the spreadsheet have to be a specific format?

BullPEN can provide an Excel template for each breed. However, you can send the data in whatever format you find convenient as long as the spreadsheet can be opened in Excel. It’s best to provide as complete bull data as possible to assure your bulls show up in search results. Some data, for example: bull name, birth date, reg. no. and certain EPDs, is required for each bull listed (this varies with each breed).

What kind of information is in a BullPEN listing?

-Breed Specific EPDs and Indexes
-Bull Age
-Breed Specific Traits (horn, breed category)
-Ratios and Adjusted Weights
-Breeder Contact (phone and email)
-Sale Information (location, time, date)
-Online Bidding Links (up to 2 links allowed for online bidding)
-Link to Video Catalog (in most cases BullPEN can link to the specific lot video, if not, the link will be to the online catalog as a whole)

How long are bulls listed?

BullPEN’s listing agreement requires all bulls listed to be for sale. Bulls are listed until they are sold or 90 days (whichever is shorter). If bulls are sold at auction, they will be removed the day after the sale.
Breeders selling via private treaty have two options:
-Email or text registration or lot numbers to BullPEN when bulls are sold
-Have BullPEN send a weekly email/text request for registration or lot numbers that have been sold.

Can I see a listing agreement?

The listing agreement lays out the rules and expectations of BullPEN’s service and the producer listing. A sample listing agreement can be viewed here: BullPEN Sample Listing Agreement

Can I use the BullPEN logo?

You will be emailed a media kit with the BullPEN logo in web/print friendly format (with a transparent background). The kit will include a light and dark variations with your handle that you can use in print and catalogs.

The BullPEN logo can be used with your handle in place of the “@getpenned”
BullPEN can also provide you, at no additional cost, customized inserts for your catalog or graphics for your use on social media.
On social media, the BullPEN logo can be found as a sticker by typing “getpenned” into a gif search (along with other fun, bull sale gif stickers!).