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With BullPEN, multi-trait selection at bull sales has never been easier.

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Set EPD ranges,
location, and breeder handle
to search bulls


Add preferred bulls to BullPEN


Take BullPEN to the sale,
see the bulls in person,
and look up or pen
eye-catching bulls

Be at home in the range

Start your search by setting EPD ranges.

Seedstock producers on BullPEN have a unique handle (similar to an Instagram or Twitter handle, but for bulls) so users can search for bulls offered by a specific breeder. This allows breeders to build their social media brand consistently across platforms.

The app returns bulls that are offered at auction or private treaty that fit the parameters.

Preferred bulls can be saved to the “BullPEN”.

Less time looking at data.
More time looking at the bulls.

-Look up sale location in maps
-Link video catalog
-Call the breeder
-Email the breeder
-Visit the breeder website
-Sign up for online bidding on the auction website
-Look up the bull on the breed association website
-Select the breeder handle to see all bulls of the selected breed by that breeder

Example of a Bull Information screen:

BullPEN is not designed to complete the sale transactions of bulls but only as a tool to point a buyer to the bulls they are looking for.

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