The Developer

I’m Glenda, the creator, developer, manager, and well, everything of BullPEN. 

My history:  
Raised in Halstead, KS. Married a rancher. We are currently raising the 5th generation of our ranch in the Nebraska Sandhills. God has really blessed me in life! 
How BullPEN came to be: 
The idea for BullPEN came a few years back and I just couldn’t let it go. Paying someone to build the app/getting investors would had made it expensive from the start. Obviously, BullPEN needed to be free to download.

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? 
One day I woke up and decided to quit thinking about it and start trying. After some online courses, extensive research, hours of coding and two years later, here is BullPEN. It wasn’t easy but it is something I am truly passionate about and have enjoyed the challenges in the journey making it.

My hope is  everyone else can find it useful. The intent isn’t to replace any other form of advertising, but to give ranchers another tool. There is no plan to actually complete sale transactions on BullPEN, that is best left to those in the industry that do it best. Moreover, if BullPEN can’t survive without ads, then it won’t. Users shouldn’t have to fuss with accounts and passwords or have their location tracked. This was the mindset as BullPEN was created. 

Nothing but bull, that’s what I want BullPEN to be. 
Thank you for your interest!